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The Pirate Bay Mirror List

Pirate Bay Mirror List

In many countries, the torrent tracker of the The Pirate Bay is blocked by local providers. We tried to collect the fastest mirror PirateBay for you. The list is not final, and will be constantly updated.

About PirateBay

The Pirate Bay (abbreviation - TPB; Pirate Bay) is the world's largest BitTorrent indexer and directory for searching .torrent files.

ThePirateBay.org was on the 85th place in terms of visits (as of June 9, 2014) in the Alexa rating. The Pirate Bay was launched on the initiative of the Swedish organization PiratbyrÄn (Swedish "Pirate Bureau") in November 2003, but since the beginning of October 2004, it exists as a separate organization. At the moment, the site is supported by Gottfried Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, TiAMO and Peter Sunde (brokep).

The number of registered users of the torrent tracker The Pirate Bay by September 21, 2008 exceeded three million . As of April 9, 2011, this torrent tracker has more than 5 million registered users. The Pirate Bay has a stable income from advertising, which, however, completely goes to maintain the site .

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